How to Have a “Staycation” When Your Budget is Tight

No matter your occupation, you have likely felt 2020 hit your wallet. While now is the time to unwind, who can afford to get away, and to where?

Instead, here’s how to have a staycation, even on a tight budget. Plus, it’ll do you get out of the home for a few days, anyways.

Find a Nearby Hotel

It may seem silly to snag a hotel room in your city. However, what better way to get into the vacation mindset?

And the rooms are likely much cleaner than your home is by now. Many hotels are offering steep discounts, and they probably include a swimming pool. cleans things up so well to ensure proper cleanliness is conducted throughout hotels.

Check Social Media for Events

While many cities have scaled back events, others have not. Those in the entertainment industry are also begging for an audience.

Even if specific shows or events were out of your price range, look for discounts. Even if only for a few hours, it’s a great way to find some family fun.

Find New Movies on Streaming Services

Many people have not seen the inside of a movie theater in over a year. Instead, many studios are releasing brand-new movies via streaming services.

Many of these movies are affordable to watch, especially compared to theater tickets. Also, you aren’t buying everyone snacks, and you can even pause the show.

Just make sure everyone turns their ringers off, even in the living room. You want the entire movie theater experience.

We recommend watching this YouTube Video on how to find the best hotels deals